An Educational Project Sponsored
by the Iowa Chapter SCI


The very first Sensory Safari was held in 1991. The intent of the program was to provide the visually impaired with a one-of-a-kind outdoor experience utilizing the sense of touch. The success of that first Safari is evident today with tens of thousands of individuals participating in one of the hundreds of Sensory Safaris that are held across the U.S. each year.

In order to be able to reach as many children and adults as possible, a customized enclosed trailer displays a variety of animals, birds, pelts, and horns. The mobility of a trailer allows SCI to both reach as many people as possible with this interactive educational tool, as well as to promote SCI and its mission. We are excited to have it become an integral part of how we educate our youth, hunters, and non-hunters about the importance of wildlife conservation while promoting a healthy outdoor lifestyle.

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The Iowa Chapter’s Sensory Safari Trailer was completed in January of 2016 and was first displayed on February 20, 2016 at the Iowa FNAWS Banquet and Auction in Des Moines, Iowa.  Since then the Trailer has been routinely exhibited at the Iowa Deer Classic, the Iowa SCI Hunters Expo, Banquet and Live Auction, the Iowa Outdoor Expo, and the Iowa High School Trap Championship in Cedar Falls, Iowa.


Special Thanks to the Iowa FNAWS and the many Iowa SCI individual donors who helped fund this Project.


  • Donate Money to help with the cost of maintenance and repairs
  • Donate Taxidermy in good condition to be displayed within the trailer
  • Donate your time to help exhibit the Sensory Safari Trailer at events
  • Request the Trailer be exhibited at your hunting, conservation, shooting or outdoor educational event